Day 278: The World Has Turned

I took a rock from Muddy Falls at Swallow Falls State Park. We all swam at the Swallow Falls but only I swam at Muddy Falls.  While swimming at Muddy Falls, I took a rock. It was round, about the size of a softball. I carried it to the car and when I returned home I took it to the crash site where I have placed a number of rocks from places where Miles spent a lot of time. Swallow Falls, Deep Creek, the park near Troxelville where we walked together for the last time. I have more ideas for rocks, and I will collect many more.

When I met my friend Sarah from Chicago, she gave me a stone. It is colorful and smooth. I have it in a special place and I have added more rocks that I have found in my walks and visits to special places.

My grandfather was a geology major. Then his father found out and he switched to biology and premed. I have some of the rocks he collected, including a meteorite from Texas the size of my hand. I have big geodes. I have a box full of trilobites and crystals. When I was a kid I collected rocks, round ones mostly, as if they were rare.

I remember gazing at the gravel in the driveway at the Lake house and looking for fools gold and fossils. We found a bunch. For a few years, it was my favorite part of the trip.


Day 122: My Name Is Jonas

Teenage boys should like Weezer. It’s simple. Miles liked Weezer. He liked them for a long time. It’s the kind of music you don’t indulge too much and never tire of.  It’s like a part of your brain wants to hold on to being a teenager but not revel in it too much either because it’s gone. It’s the past, out of reach.