Day 328: The Photographer

The Phillip Glass album, The Photographer, was also in my car leftover from Miles’s trip. It is about Edward Muybridge, the 19th century photographer who captured human and animal motion in pictures like nobody had ever done before. Someone gave it to me. I forget who. Miles, of course, latched on to it, as someone interested in both music and photography. I wish I could ask him what he thought of it. I can imagine him talking to me on the phone. He would have listened and we would have talked about it.

I drove home today and it was a long drive. It occurred to me to call Miles because he was at college. What did you do this weekend? How is it going with your roommate? How are your classes? It is cold there yet? Has there been any live music you want to see? So many questions. Somewhere there is a world where all these wheels are in motion, a world different than our own.

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