Day 330: Echoes Myron

I read articles sometimes about allergies and how to deal with them. I do not have allergies. Miles had allergies, bad allergies for most of his life. His nose was always running. I might read about a new treatment for allergies and think that maybe Miles should try this to help him. It’s hard to shake these habits.

I wish I did more for him to allay his pain and suffering. He broke his leg and he was in pain. He had problems with his eyes and the drops caused him pain, intense pain. I wish I could take it away from him and suffer it myself. I wish I could have his allergies and broken limbs and pain and allow him to live unencumbered for a healthy lifetime, me in pain for every minute and hour he could have in exchange alive and healthy.

Day 212: The Queen of Cans and Jars

I have been thinking about Moby Dick a lot and reading select passages from the book. It is one of my favorite books. Melville’s language is so distinct and timeless. It resonates with me, so many passages. I can pick it up and stumble on a line and it has so much to it.

“Now, in calm weather, to swim in the open ocean is as easy to the practised swimmer as to ride in a spring-carriage ashore. But the awful lonesomeness is intolerable. The intense concentration of self in the middle of such a heartless immensity, my God! who can tell it? Mark, how when sailors in a dead calm bathe in the open sea- mark how closely they hug their ship and only coast along her sides.”

Such a heartless immensity. Hug the ship.