About Everything Will Be Okay: 365 Days of Songs, From David to Miles

My friend Sarah Frier invited me to share a song a day for 365 days.  She started this annual effort in 2011 with her blog, One Little Promise.  I happily take up the 365-song mantle for the coming year.

I dedicate this blog to my son Miles. Miles died August 22, 2014, in a car accident.  We miss him so much.  Every day, I struggle with his loss and my grief.

Miles and I both love music, so I am using this effort as a way to share my many memories through songs.  From his earliest days, we listened to music together.  I remember him liking certain songs.  I remember him disliking certain songs.  I distinctly remember the day when he started to recommend music to me and I became his student of cool music.

I hope you enjoy this.  I look forward to sharing music with you.  Blogging starts November 8.

@dmfwv; dforemanwv@gmail.com

2014-09-02 22.59.07

4 thoughts on “About Everything Will Be Okay: 365 Days of Songs, From David to Miles

  1. Miles was such a unique amazing kid even at a young age, our sons were friends in morgantown and I think of your family daily, this is a beautiful way to honor a very beautiful person


  2. David, I love this blog. It is such a great idea and is so well done. I was shocked to hear about Miles and I wish you and all the Foremans the best going forward. I remember running into you at the blue moose cafe when Miles was very young and you two would sit and play games. I always thought, “David is such a cool dad!” Keep up this great blog. There is so much memory in music.

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