Day 143: Rock Island Line

My dad had a folk music collection published by the Smithsonian. It is a four-CD set. I listened to it a lot in college. The songs that really stuck out for me were the ones by Leadbelly.

The song I posted yesterday, “Goodnight Irene,” is my favorite. It also included “Rock Island Line.” It spoke to me for some reason.

When I looked at what Miles had on his computer, he had a lot of Woody Guthrie on it. I like to think that as his tastes might have wandered in the future that he would have stumbled on and indulged in Leadbelly too.

Day 142: Goodnight Irene

I posted more than two weeks of songs in ¾ time, but I neglected to post this song, one of my favorites.

The first time I heard this song, my dad sang it. He loved the Weavers, and they sang it. Leadbelly is credited with writing it, and maybe he did but who knows. The Weavers credit Leadbelly for teaching it to them. The song is so sad.

I have heard two versions of the chorus. One is, “I’ll see you in my dreams.” The other is, “I’ll kiss you in my dreams.” I like them both. There are lots of versions of this song. This is a good one.

I have not seen Miles in my dreams for a long time. I dream of him occasionally, but it has been several weeks.