Day 47: Everybody to the Limit

Strong Bad was a favorite Homestar Runner character. His best friend and mischief collaborator is The Cheat, a mix between a hamster and a cheetah. The two of them recorded some songs and this is one of the best ones.

Every week, Strong Bad would answer an email from a fan.  This was an early favorite ours:

Day 46: Everybody Everybody

When Miles was six years old, Monday and Thursday nights were very important. Every Monday and Thursday during the summer and fall, Owen, Miles, and I would gather around the computer at seven o’clock and refresh the Homestar Runner homepage waiting for the new cartoon updates.  We LOVED Homestar Runner.  The website was created by a couple of guys who invented a whole world of cartoon characters like Homestar, Marzipan, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and Bubs. It is great for kids. It is hilarious. Miles, Owen, and I sang the site’s theme song all the time.


DSC02235 DSC02230

Miles and Owen in their Homestar Runner tshirts on a trip to Washington, DC.