Day 358: The Fairest of the Seasons

I haven’t written enough in these posts about memories of Miles. I have dwelled somewhat on memories, but not enough, not enough. I wanted to jog my memory so I looked at my old blog. I posted descriptions of my days for several years. My family and friends could see what was up and I can look back to see what I did. I discovered that we had such busy days. I rediscovered a time when Miles was growing up and discovering his independence. In 2007 when Miles was 11 he and his friend Zak when to a WVU football game together. Then that night he and I went to see the Holy Grail at the Warner Theater. We went there a lot together. I miss seeing movies downtown with Miles, in Lewisburg and Morgantown. We had our places we went and we loved to go there together. That day I found was in the fall. Autumn, such a season. I used to love it but now I find the transition hard. And this year I hurt my back but it’s getting better.

One thing I remember so fondly is that Miles loves Halloween.  He and his friend Zach had the best costumes. I wonder what he’d dress up as this year.

Juno Halloween 2009 Skate Pig Halloween 2010 Yoko John Halloween 2008

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