Day 344: Bow Wow Ball

Miles really enjoyed the Disney Sing-Along videos. Most of them were compilations of existing cartoons and film scenes. Miles liked those, but he really loved the live-action, original production of Pongo & Perdita, the dogs from 101 Dalmatians.

In the video, Pongo and Perdita and their master host a party. Children attend with their dogs, a variety of breeds like a bull dog and a sheep dog. The children sing some basic kids songs– “Bingo,” “The Hokey Pokey,” and other favorites. I did not like it at first, but I watched it with Miles and it grew on me. We watched it dozens of times. There are a lot of cure dalmatian puppies in the video.

Day 343: You Can Fly

Miles really loved the Disney Sing-Along videos we had when he was very young. Before DVDs, we had VHS cassettes put out by Disney of song compilations from their films. Miles was introduced to so many great songs and characters. True, it was just an easy way for Disney to make money off their intellectual property by slicing and dicing their films into a new product. We did not care. We watched them over and over again so many times. I don’t remember singing along much, but we did sing sometime alone on walks or in the car.