Day 337: Pretty Pimpin

I dreamed we were all reminiscing about the time Miles shaved all the hair of his body. I could see him with the electric clippers shaving himself. His beard. His hair. His arms.

It never happened. He never did that. He never had a beard. But in my dream I got to see him again and imagine him doing something goofy and strange.

Day 59: KV Crimes

I have learned about some new bands in the past few weeks, and my impulse is to text Miles and ask if he’s heard of them. I still have these impulses. Sometimes when I am missing him a lot, I will text his old number and tell him I miss him. I got a new phone recently and when I added the favorite phone numbers, I included his number, even though his phone is shut off and he is not there to answer it.

I want to text Miles and ask him if he likes Kurt Vile. If he hasn’t listened to him, I would send him a link to this song. It would be a way for us to talk, a link. When I learn about new music, I think of Miles and I wonder what he would think of it, and I think I will always have this response. What would Miles think of this?