Day 356: These Days

When I first started to listen to the Velvet Underground in high school, I fell in love with Nico and her sultry voice. Of course I fell in love with Nico. Who wouldn’t?

I wondered about her, way back in the days before the Internet when it was hard to find obscure information. I found out she died pretty young. I found out she also recorded some solo albums. Somebody told me they weren’t very good so I never tracked them down. I don’t remember who it was who told me so. Too bad I listened to that person. My life might be so different if I had tracked them down and heard them with my own ears.

I was walking to work recently and it was chilly. The ground was covered in frost. It reminded me of walking to school as a kid in high school and junior high. I noticed one morning on a similar day that my hair was frozen. I had taken a shower that morning and my hair was wet. It was cold enough to freeze my hair. It felt amazing, like a new discovery. My hair froze! I didn’t know that could happen. It was like I discovered something completely new. I so rarely have that same feeling anymore.

I remember where I was when I realized my hair was frozen. It was in the funeral home parking lot half way between my house and school, near the Rax restaurant. Near that same spot, I once saw a truck crash into the big glass windows of the restaurant as it lurched from the road and up over the sidewalk. The people inside scattered. I had the same feeling, of witnessing something entirely unique. But this time, my heart raced in fear as well.

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