Day 77: It’s Gonna Be (Alright)

I do not know Ween’s music well.  Dedicating a week of listening to them is a nice way to remember Miles. I discovered a lot of songs I like, more than I remembered.

The winter is cold and long and dark, and I always need some projects and rituals to keep my spirits up as I make my way through it.  I decided a long time ago that running away from fears was not a good way to live. So I embrace those things that I initially recoil at.  The winter can be cold and long and dark, but there is so much to it that I love about the season. If you are outside in winter, it often feels like you have the whole world to yourself. A winter walk in the woods is perfect if you want to be alone.  The world looks different in winter. When I decided to embrace the winter, I quickly discovered so much about the world I had overlooked before. I love the winter now because I learned to look where nobody else is looking and I discovered so much.

Day 75: Ocean Man

They used this song in the Sponge Bob Square Pants film. I think it accompanies the closing credits. Miles liked this song when he was young too. It is nice to think back to when he was a boy and to remember things that he liked. He liked this song a lot. He grew up with it.

Day 72: The Mollusk

If I were to post songs on this blog to reflect Miles’s listening habits and favorite music, you would be seeing a lot of Ween songs.  A LOT OF WEEN SONGS.  Miles loved Ween.  He loved the weirdness. He loved the humor.  He loved the live albums and the culture around them. It spoke to him.  I never got much into Ween, so I am probably not going to post many Ween songs. I’m sorry Miles.

I remember once I drove Miles to school, an early fall morning when we were both tired.  He plugged in his iPod.  “Please don’t play Ween,” I said. He played a Ween song.  That is how we were sometimes, like a father and a son.

When Miles was a boy, we got the Internet for the first time at home in the last ’90s.  We did not have the Web in his earliest days.  It is funny to watch videos of us together when the boys were young.  Nobody is on a phone or distracted by some kind of technology.  We just didn’t have that stuff.  Nobody did.

I remember one Christmas we all spent a few hours watching funny videos on the computer.  We watched the Star Wars Kid over and over again.  We also watched Ween’s video for the Mollusk.  Miles and his best friend Arjun LOVED the video.  They were really into Legos, so there was an obvious appeal there.  I think the weirdness also appealed to them.  It spoke to them.  We never know what is going to speak to us, but doesn’t it feel great when we finally hear it?