Day 358: The Fairest of the Seasons

I haven’t written enough in these posts about memories of Miles. I have dwelled somewhat on memories, but not enough, not enough. I wanted to jog my memory so I looked at my old blog. I posted descriptions of my days for several years. My family and friends could see what was up and I can look back to see what I did. I discovered that we had such busy days. I rediscovered a time when Miles was growing up and discovering his independence. In 2007 when Miles was 11 he and his friend Zak when to a WVU football game together. Then that night he and I went to see the Holy Grail at the Warner Theater. We went there a lot together. I miss seeing movies downtown with Miles, in Lewisburg and Morgantown. We had our places we went and we loved to go there together. That day I found was in the fall. Autumn, such a season. I used to love it but now I find the transition hard. And this year I hurt my back but it’s getting better.

One thing I remember so fondly is that Miles loves Halloween.  He and his friend Zach had the best costumes. I wonder what he’d dress up as this year.

Juno Halloween 2009 Skate Pig Halloween 2010 Yoko John Halloween 2008

Day 357: I’ll Keep It With Mine

I was thinking about seeing Stop Making Sense with Miles last year. I was looking through old diaries and blogs that I kept to chronicle our days. Many of the movies we saw together were unmemorable. I read my account and I do not remember that day or that movie. But seeing Stop Making Sense was remarkable and memorable. It was the last movie we saw together. It was fun to see. We talked about it and we talked with friends outside the theater about it when it was over. Nico’s screen test looked at us from across the street in the Samek Museum’s window display. It is something small– seeing a movie together– but it is something I will remember fondly forever and probably talk about it as being more important than it was at the time. I remember things tragic and anodyne in such detail, but all the details are important when he is involved and I need to remember.

Day 356: These Days

When I first started to listen to the Velvet Underground in high school, I fell in love with Nico and her sultry voice. Of course I fell in love with Nico. Who wouldn’t?

I wondered about her, way back in the days before the Internet when it was hard to find obscure information. I found out she died pretty young. I found out she also recorded some solo albums. Somebody told me they weren’t very good so I never tracked them down. I don’t remember who it was who told me so. Too bad I listened to that person. My life might be so different if I had tracked them down and heard them with my own ears.

I was walking to work recently and it was chilly. The ground was covered in frost. It reminded me of walking to school as a kid in high school and junior high. I noticed one morning on a similar day that my hair was frozen. I had taken a shower that morning and my hair was wet. It was cold enough to freeze my hair. It felt amazing, like a new discovery. My hair froze! I didn’t know that could happen. It was like I discovered something completely new. I so rarely have that same feeling anymore.

I remember where I was when I realized my hair was frozen. It was in the funeral home parking lot half way between my house and school, near the Rax restaurant. Near that same spot, I once saw a truck crash into the big glass windows of the restaurant as it lurched from the road and up over the sidewalk. The people inside scattered. I had the same feeling, of witnessing something entirely unique. But this time, my heart raced in fear as well.