Day 253: This Will Be Our Year

Last year a friend gave me a book of photographs by Alberto Pizaraldo. The book was published in September 2014. It is called everything will be ok.

The title is a remarkable coincidence. I called this blog “Everything Will Be Okay.”  I found that phrase written in Miles’s hand on the cover of one of his school books. It’s an important phrase to me. Finding it felt like receiving a message from Miles.  He wrote it perhaps for himself as a reassurance. The words speak to me. They speak to many people who knew Miles well. My brother Jim has the phrase tattooed on his forearm, a reproduction of Miles’s handwriting.

It means more now, eleven months after Miles left us. I believe it. Deep down in me I believe it. I am not always sure what it might mean but I have faith that it’s true.

Discovering this book as a gift from my friend was shocking. The photographs are reminiscent of something Miles may have done. There is no text. The book is abstract in that the photos are sometime hard to discern in their conversation with each other. But as you read it there seems to be something of a story. I think it’s a style that Miles would have appreciated. I think he aspired to be the kind of photographer embodied in this book. Beautiful, disturbing, mysterious and hard to look away from. At the same time that Miles was exploring photography and finding his voice as a photographer, this man in Spain was creating a book that used the same phrase that Miles found meaningful. The writing on the cover of the book is remarkably similar to Miles’s handwriting.

I’m grateful for this gift. I look at it often, including the note slipped inside the cover written in a child’s hand that says, “I hope you feel better soon.”