Day 259: Albatross

I am interested in my family history. I have a book about my family history from my great aunt. She gave one to each of us nieces and nephews.

My great aunt passed away, the last of her generation to die, in 2004. Not long after that, my uncle died, the first of his generation to die.  As sad as their deaths were, it seemed orderly and correct. It seemed right and natural that everyone in the previous generation would pass away before the next generation. It was hard to lose them both, but I remember realizing that both of them lived long and healthy lives. They had loving families and many successes to be proud of.

Looking at the big book of my maternal genealogy, I realized that nobody among my dozens of cousins in my generation had died at an early age. It was fortunate, I thought. We are lucky. We are such a lucky family. These thoughts are all erased. It seems so naive now.

Looking farther back in my family tree, I see long lines of children, sometimes a dozen or more in one family. In some cases, a name might be repeated: two Johns or Williams in a single family. Back in the 1800s, it was not unusual to lose a child. I heard on a podcast recently that every member of Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet had lost a child. It was not unusual. It makes it no better. It makes it no better, no easier to take.

Day 158: Bad Baby

I have written about my own memories from when I was Miles’s age. Part of the reason for this is that I find it difficult to dive too deeply into some things. Like Miles’s many pictures. Or some of the videos I have of him. Or of his notebooks and things like that. Indulging in them would surely unlock some memories and elicit some thoughts about music and new ideas about places where Miles and I connected. It is easier at this time to remember my own experiences and some of the things I liked.

When I was Miles’s age, I really liked Public Image Limited. I listened to the album Second Edition many times over. I first really listened to the bass guitar when I heard that album. It has a great sound. I like all the songs on that album but I like this one most.