Day 310: Hudson

I dreamed I was with Owen at a carnival in a city. He was unusually candid with me and asked how much is a person supposed to change? He and I talked about how much he’s changed. ¬†Somehow, like it happens in dreams, he became Miles. At first I was not sure if it was him or Miles, but I figured out it was Miles. I walked behind him, slightly behind him, and watched him walk. His blonde hair. His long gait. His presence.


Day 162: A-Punk

Today is Owen’s birthday. Happy birthday Owen. It snowed on the day he was born, 2001. What a year for us in 2001, for all of us. Owen was born. I got a new job. I bought my first car. Then September 11 happened.

Owen was born in Morgantown at Mon General in their new birthing suites. It was so nice to have a new baby, a second son, Owen. I remember Miles being so gentle and curious with his new brother.

Owen as a baby was so different than Miles. When Owen was a tiny baby, he would fall asleep in my arms. I was holding him and he just fell asleep as I held him at the dinner table. I panicked. Miles had never done that, and I thought there was something wrong with the baby. He was so quiet and gentle and sweet. It took me a long time to adjust to raising Owen for who he was because I had to adjust to the way he was and not treat him like I treated him Miles.

When Winnie first told Miles that she was gong to have a baby, the very first thing he said was, “Good! Then you will have milk and I can nurse again!” What a day that was. I remember when Miles first met his brother. His little voice, little hands and blonde hair. I remember him touching his brother’s head, so gently. Stroking him ever so lightly. It was such a happy day. Owen likes Vampire Weekend. So did Miles. We all do.