Day 175: Sadness Hides the Sun

I downloaded a lot of music that Miles had on his computer. I logged on to his homemade computer (so proud of him), and I downloaded pictures he had stored on it as well as music. Miles was my best source of new music. I am really at a loss for music.

My life is time stamped at August 2014, and it is hard for me to move forward. I will forever be stuck at that moment. I often think about what my life was like before and after. So many things are different. Life has been turned over completely. Music seems such a small part and a silly part in the grand scheme of things, but when we try to comprehend such massive disruptions, I think we can only look at little details one by one. It is the only way to piece it all together, bit by bit, item by item. Miles’s music is now intermixed in my own on my computer. I put a bunch of songs that he listened to onto my iPod. They pop up occasionally and I am gradually becoming familiar with them. I like Anika. There are so many influences coalescing in her music. I know nothing about her, except for the album I pulled from Miles’s computer to mine. I want to know nothing, nothing other than that Miles liked the music and I do too.