Day 309: Heaven

One time in high school for one of his classes, Miles did a survey. He asked people to read something while listening to music and then to read something else without listening to music. He wanted to see if music reduced or improved reading comprehension. I did it and I think I did ok with the music on, but I was familiar with the music so it did not bother me. I forget what song he used, but I think it was a Talking Heads song. He was excited to do the survey and obtain the results.

Day 281: Life During Wartime

I love so many Talking Heads songs, but this one may be my favorite. I remember so fondly seeing Stop Making Sense in the theater downtown with Miles and really loving it so much. We both walked home with the Stieler kids a little stoked from the movie. It was a cool night, cooler than typical for that time of the year. Across the street, the art gallery showed Warhol screen tests. Neko loomed quietly across from us as we chatted about the movie, our summers, our plans. It was a great night. Watching this video brings it all back.

“Life During Wartime” is post-apocalyptic in a way, portraying an American landscape at war. I read Cormac McCathy’s The Road in one sitting. I started to read it and could not put it down. It is about a father and his boy wandering in a hellish America. Something terrible has happened. No food. No sun. No safety. It is frightening. I needed to read it all at once, sitting alone in the living room one October night.

I think less about the end of the world anymore and I’m not sure why.