Day 45: Atlas

One evening in the winter when we lived in Morgantown, Miles and I sat down to watch a skate video together. I hadn’t watched many skate videos, but Miles had seen tons and he said this one we were going to watch was going to be good because he liked the skaters in it and he liked the guys who filmed it.  We sat in the upstairs little tv room. One of the videos we watched used the Battles song “Atlas” as the soundtrack. The skating was amazing and it fit the music perfectly, building the tension and then celebrating the final release and denouement along with the music. At the end of the song and video, Miles and I looked at each and said, “Wow.” We were so impressed with the music and skating and we were similarly moved.

It was always nice to be with Miles and feel the same way about something.  When we watched that video, it felt like we were both engaged at the same level and in the same way. It is a nice memory, one that the song always evokes. I remember another incident when were both locked in on the same thing and experienced a similar joy. Miles was a boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old. At bedtime, I would read him short stories from an Isaac Isamov collection of robot short stories. We read the one that the film I, Robot is partly based on (“Robot Dreams”), about a robot that gains consciousness similar to a human. When the robot describes to his human engineers that he dreamed of leading a robot revolution, they deactivate him. It is a great story.  When I finished reading it, Miles and I both looked at each other laying on the bed and said the same thing—”Wow.” It was hard for him to go to sleep, the story was so exhilarating.