Day 361: Four Minute Warning

I wonder sometimes about what happens to us after we die. I imagine what happens to the spirit of who we are. There are ideas about an afterlife in a heaven or hell. I do not believe in these things. I don’t think I believe in anything. I do not need an orthodoxy to dictate my imagination. I can imagine anything I want and as I imagine it, it is true. I can envision a world in an afterlife that can be true, as true as any other fiction might be. Sometimes, I think that we spend an eternity in a single moment of our lives. A hell might be a single moment we experience here in pain. A heaven might be a single moment we experience in pleasure or satisfaction or peace. I used to think to myself when everything seemed to be looking up that the whole world is designed for me. When everything is going well, I imagine that some force is benefitting me. I do not think I will ever think this again. Maybe I was momentarily in a heaven of our world’s making, way back then, but it’s slipped and it’s very far away.

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