Day 290: Little Martha

A few weeks after Miles died, we held a memorial service in Lewisburg. Several of his friends played songs during the ceremony. Miles has many talented friends.

Adon Shapiro played “Little Martha” by the Allman Brothers. Adon and Miles were good friends. I remember once they planned to camp out and take a bunch of books with them to read out in the woods.

Day 107: Whipping Post

My friend Matt explained to me why I loved this Allman Brothers song—it’s a waltz.  As soon as I realized this, I went through my music collection and found all the waltzes.  They are all over the place. They are infectious.

I wish I could share such an insight with Miles. When Matt told me the key to the song’s appeal, it opened my eyes. Matt is very smart. He taught me so much. I wish Miles had the opportunity to make more friends like Matt in his life. I wish so much.  I know he had so many friends like Connor, Duncan, Zach, Arj, Kent, and so many others, but I wish he could grow up and make more friends and be that friend to other people.

I wish Miles was back, wish he was here. We could pick through songs and find all the waltzes. “Of course,” I’d say. “I never realized this one is a waltz too.”

“Listen,” I would say. “‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ is a waltz too!”