Day 352: You Belong To Me

The Shrek soundtrack has a lot of great songs on it. John Cale singing a Leonard Cohen song? A song by Eels about a pet monster? A Joan Jett cover? yes, yes, yes.  I think the soundtrack was one of the first albums Miles and I listened to on heavy rotation. It shaped our early relationship with music together. We would dance and jump around to the songs on the soundtrack.  I remember in our house on Short St we would have so much fun with music and just mess around imagining things, like wild pigs running around wild and loose in the house.

This song, “You Belong To Me,” is on the Shrek soundtrack, but not this version. This version is by the Flat Duo Jets, a great band from North Carolina that I saw live at the Nyabinghi Dance Hall

Day 216: Crazy Hazy Kids

I saw the Flat Duo Jets in Morgantown at the Nyabinghi Dance Hall (now 123 Pleasant Street). It was amazing, shocking even. Just two guys on stage made a heck of a noise. It was a great noise, a great rock and roll noise. I had never heard anything like it.

I think I have written those words before: “I had never heard anything like it.” But for me my curiosity stopped there. I heard it. I loved it. But I did not think of it again until many years later. I suppose without the internet it was harder to investigate these kinds of wonders. It was hard to walk down these paths, the ones that you don’t know where they lead. It was harder to find out more information if the thing was not there in front of you. So I heard it and I was amazed and it became just a memory.

Miles was more curious than I, and he pursued it. It would be easy for me to forgive myself for not having the tools like the internet at my disposal. But I could have tried harder. I could have talked to the band. I could have bought their tape instead of buying more beer. I could have thought a little less about myself and more about the world around me. I am proud that Miles was curious and that he acted on it to learn so much on his own about photography, skating, music, and so much else in the world around him.