Day 95: Teenage Wind

I remember at a New Year’s Eve party, someone had a Zappa CD, You Are What You Is.  I heard it from the other room and I had to listen. I am not sure what it was that drew me to it.

You Are What You Is is a dense and relentless album. Unlike many Zappa albums, there are no really long jazzy tracks that take up a lot of space. It is full of songs, many of them imitations of pop song styles.  I heard this song, the first track on the album and I had to listen. I am not sure why, but I loved this album and it brings back memories of that time when I was in college and lived above a bookstore.


Day 94: Uncle Meat

If you are considering taking a break from reading this blog, I recommend that you do it this week.  My close friends have been dreading this moment. This is the week I post a bunch of Zappa songs. I do not listen to Zappa’s music much anymore.  But I used to be insufferable about it. I have a big CD case that holds all 50+ Zappa CDs (plus related Zappa music like Beefheart and the GTOs).  I lent it to Connor recently because I thought he’d enjoy it. It is so big, so massive and I think he is a bit intimidated by it. He asked for some recommendations of where to start, so I will use this blog to share some of my favorites. Miles was curious about Zappa but he never got into him. This is for Miles too, my letter to him about something I liked when I was about his age. I have very distinct memories of hearing Zappa’s music at different times. One time a long time ago, we made a trip to Eide’s in Pittsburgh and I found a used version of the Uncle Meat album on CD.  When I first heard the opening song, I was blown away. It is really intense.