Day 334: I Shall Be Released

I do it a lot. I imagine where Miles might be at the moment. He is at college. It is night, a weeknight midweek. Maybe he is at the library studying. Maybe it is one of those periods in college when there is not much to do. It is several weeks into the semester and there is a rhythm to life, even into the first year, the first fresh innocent year as a freshman. He knows a lot of people. He has new friends. He and his roommate get along but he hangs out down the hall with the guy who likes some of the same music; he has heard of Ty Segall and he used to ride a skateboard. They walk at night around campus and see what they can discover. They eat lunch and dinner together in the dining hall. Miles likes his classes. He does really well in his literature and composition courses. He has trouble getting motivated for math. He texts his parents and talks to them occasionally. He and his brother see each other on-line playing games together. They miss him. They miss him so much and they wish he was closer, but in this world they know that he is becoming more of who he is and growing up.