Day 21: Cola

I am a fan of Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show, and I am not alone. Through social media, I have become acquainted with many other FOTs (Friends of Tom). I have met several of them in person like Geneva, Jason and Brandi from Hunstville, Fred from Honolulu, Lolly Desk Potato, Emma, and Greg Gethard (yes, Chris Gethard’s brother). They are a great group. One year I participated in the annual holiday gift exchange and Bonnaventure James (@bonnaventure) was my Secret Sonta. Bonnaventure is a musician living in Calgary. He got me some cool books and a CD of his own music. I like it.

Bonnaventure also gave me a crazy hat. Miles loved the hat. He adopted it as his own. The hat circulated around Lewisburg High School as a shared community hat. Miles even wore the hat to the Homecoming Dance. We have it now. It’s with Miles’s stuff.

The FOTs are a fun group. We all love the show, and whenever I meet another FOT in person, we are fast friends. The show speaks to us in a way that few other things do.

When Miles died, the news got around quickly, including my FOT friends. Julie from Cincinnati, a regular caller to the show for years, organized a fundraising campaign among the FOTs to support the Miles Foreman Memorial Fund at the Green Dragon Foundation. Dozens of people—most of whom I have never met—donated to the fund. It is a good group. I am so grateful for their support.

Bonnaventure site at Band Camp.



A little robot toy was among the gifts that Bonnaventure gave me. It too has taken on a life of its own in my house. I made a little story with him and a few other characters that sat on my desk. I made a book out of a story I posted on Twitter once, and it is available as a PDF.