Day 351: Borderline

Mason and Dixon Park on the border of Monongalia County in West Virginia and Greene County in Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places. It is a short drive on Route 7 from Morgantown. I took Miles and Owen there many times when they were young. I have so many great memories of walking with them along the trails.

I remember one day we took some plastic army men with us. It had rained a lot over the previous few days so the trails were muddy. We found a rivulet flowing down the hillside to Dunkard Creek, the stream that runs along the lower path. It was a small stream of water, and it was a great place to stop and play. We set up the army men along the dammed up little seep that came out of the hill. The water pooled. We released the water and it knocked the army men down. Owen loved this kind of game– setting up army men and imagining complex battles. We were all three deeply concentrating on this little world we had created in this little stream. We spent more than an hour all three of us in the late summer sun under the canopy of sycamores and maples playing army together.

This picture of Mason and Dixon Park in the autumn with Miles in the foreground is one of my favorite pictures ever. It brings back so many great memories of Saturdays and Sundays just us boys.



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