Day 314: On Some Faraway Beach

Today I was at my desk, deeply engaged in something at work for ten or fifteen minutes. I finished the task,and my mind searched for the next task, the next thing to occupy my attention. My thoughts automatically turned to Miles. What is he doing?  I assumed Miles was at college and in between classes or in the cafeteria or looking for places to skate between classes.  I was comforted by the fact that he is out somewhere in the world being adventurous and meeting new people. But I know for real that its all a sham, an illusion that my mind believed in for a moment. I came to me at first as a real thought and I dwelled on it like it was real. I imagined him walking across campus in the sun and heat, so happy to be in college. I guess after 18 years, your mind digs some deep ruts that are hard to get out of, no matter what happens. I am fine with having the groove in my thinking, and I hope I go back to it more.

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