Day 313: Spy

I have dreams. I dream of people who have died, like Miles and my grandma.  In my dreams, they do not speak.

I dreamed again of Miles. I was in a big house. My grandma was there and I sat with her quietly for a long time. I looked around in the house for my family because I knew they were around somewhere. I looked all over and found Miles sitting in a lounge area. I sat next to him. He smiled kindly and joyfully to me and we sat together. Like many of my dreams of Miles I felt that he did not really want me around. He wanted to be left alone. So I sat with him a minute and neither of us spoke. I got up and walked around the house and looked for friends until I found Owen and some of his friends outside. Owen and I talked. He was waiting in the car but my dad hadn’t come outside yet. He had been inside for a long time. I went inside to look for him and I wondered why he was driving Owen around.


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