Day 311: Planet Earth

This past summer, I saw four of my all-time favorite bands: The New Pornographers, Half-Japanese, Danielson, and the Sun Ra Arkestra. I saw them all for free. It was a good summer for music.

When I went to see Sun Ra in West Philly, I really wanted to go with Miles. He would have liked to see Sun Ra. He likes jazz, and he likes weird things. He would have loved the sounds and the costumes they wore– sequined smocks and funny hats. We walked behind the band stand as we left, and we could see how hard the band worked and how they communicated with each other. Miles would have appreciated it. He would have taken pictures.

It was a great weekend that Miles would have enjoyed. The day after seeing Sun Ra, I went to a little zine festival in the Rotunda near the UPenn campus. I bought a few zines, including a zine by a photographer. Miles would have liked his work. He would have picked up some good zine ideas.

I know this is true.


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