Day 305: Gloria

At Shakemore, I gave a Miles Wild Thing sticker to a young man riding his skateboard outside. I started to talk to him about Miles and I told him what happened. It turns out he knows Miles. He and Miles worked at Woodard at the same time. When Miles was working in the cafe, Thomas was a counselor. He was very sad about Miles. He wants more stickers to give to skaters at Woodward. I met his mom too. They have been involved in Shakemore for a long time. I really liked them a lot and I am glad I got to know them a little bit. I hope to go back to Shakemore next year.

Thomas told me that he was going to be at Woodward in a few weeks. I drove up to visit him, and I gave him some posters and stickers and a set of zines. He had two posters framed. One is in the Woodward office and one is in the cafe where Miles worked. The one in the cafe looks nice. I visited just to see it.

2015-08-24 12.18.55


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