Day 303: Peaches en Regalia

I log into Miles’s accounts occasionally to keep them active. I am afraid if they are not active that the companies might shut them off and we will lose all evidence of him in these different formats. I am afraid that buried deep in his online presence there may be some piece of him that we will lose.

I logged into his email account and looked at some of his messages. I was looking for info about where he had his film developed. I found two from 2012.

One was to his band teacher.He wanted to see if the high school marching band could play Zappa’s Peaches en Regalia. I am not sure how that turned out. It is a tough song.

One was to the director of the Bucknell University craft center.  “My name’s Miles and I have been shooting film for the past couple years and processing it at the Williamsport Community Darkroom where I learned the process.” He wanted to see if the Bucknell craft center had color processing available so he could learn. They did not. He never learned.

In both of these messages, Miles was grateful and humble. He was complimentary. They showed for me and reminded me so much of his personality: kind, generous, resourceful, grateful and curious. He always wanted to learn. He was always pushing for more.

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