Day 298: Sweet Jane

In Lewisburg, I see parents helping their kids move into the dorms or into apartments off campus. I try not to dwell on it.

I can imagine, if I choose to think deeply about it, helping Miles choose stuff for his room or helping him buy things for school. I could go to orientation with him, drop him off and spend time exploring the town where he goes to school. I could tell him about restaurants and record shops I find.

I can imagine packing up the car and driving him to school and helping him move in. I could meet his roommate and check out his room.

I can imagine, if I try, the reluctance to leave but also feeling his excitement of his new adventure. I can imagine my sad drive home, thinking of him getting to know the people around him on his floor. I can imagine him meeting some skaters. I can imagine the first August hot night alone at college, him in his bed and me far away in mine, wondering what he’s thinking about and how he’s feeling.


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