Day 286: Oh Comely

Miles loved Neutral Milk Hotel and the album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.  There are a lot of good songs on it.  As I described in an earlier post, Miles introduced me to the band when he was young.  I listened to the album a lot and after many listens, he told me that it was about Anne Frank.  Duh, I thought, after he told me.  Of course.  It is all there, obscured but it’s there.  Anne Frank.  It all made sense to me and I listened to many times more with new ears.

Miles listened to this album the last day he was alive. He listened to it at work at Woodward at the coffee shop.


2 thoughts on “Day 286: Oh Comely

  1. Miles introduced Tim to a lot of music; and Tim introduced me to some of it, including NMH and Flaming LIps. After Miles died, at first the associations of it was very hard to get through an album…….but now I’m just grateful for the things our children bring to us. Thank you for keeping up the blog, David. The music brings back memories from my own life and the newer stuff is helps keep me from being trapped in the same old genres. Your thoughts and recollections bring a tender perspective. I’m privileged to be able to share it. Thinking of you and all who love Miles.


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