Day 283: Somebody to Hold Me

When I write about some songs, I know that Miles liked them because he played them for me or I heard him listening to them.  But I am not sure about some songs and some artists.

I am not sure if Miles listened to Jonathan Richman. I know he knew about the Modern Lovers, but I am not sure he knew the connection.

Miles had bought a lot of records over the past few years. Jonathan Sings is one record he bought from a local flea market. It has the name of the Rutgers student radio station written all over it in magic marker and it is beat up. I know he had it but I am not sure if he listened to it and if he did listen to it I am not sure how much he liked it.

This is my favorite song on the album.

2 thoughts on “Day 283: Somebody to Hold Me

  1. What a lovely little self-referential piece. Some of these lyrics are so poetic, and the rest is just sweetness and fun. When I want more holding I just ask for more Hugs to you, brother.


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