Day 280: Miss You

Some Girls is an album I never got into. It never crossed my path. I need to get it. I love this song. I like the groove and the who-whoing. Nice tune.

And I miss you, Miles. I tell you all the time when I write you letters, but I cannot say it enough. I miss you.

I am writing this in late April. I am preloading these blog entries in advance because it has been a hard week, prompted by nothing in particular. I am afraid that once I get closer to the anniversary that I will not be able to do much in the way of writing. So I am writing and scheduling these posts now.

I remember details so vividly. I remember the ambiance– the heat in the air yet the cool air at night, lifting the heat from summer as the season turns to fall. I remember that feeling, that late summer feeling. I am not sure how I will react when I start to feel the same weather and experience the same phase of the moon in late August. I a writing in advance so there will be something instead of nothing.


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