Day 277: Cry Baby Cry

At the lake, I was very busy with family and friends. I did not have time to soak in the place and remember the past. I did not do so as much as I would have liked.

One memory came vividly to mind about Miles. When I went to the Lake, I stayed at my great aunt’s house. It has been knocked down and replaced with a much larger and nicer house. The old house had a large wraparound porch. We never used the porch. It was exposed to the sun and by the end of the day, it had soaked up all the heat and was not comfortable to sit on. But one day we sat there in the afternoon. My cousin Ned was there. Miles was young, maybe three years old. He wandered over to the far end of the porch and suddenly came darting back. He had walked into a hornet’s nest in the hollow wood porch railing. He was stung half a dozen times, and was screaming, in tears. We treated the stings and calmed him down. He was allergic to everything so we were concerned he might have a reaction. He apparently was not allergic to hornet stings, but the trauma of the event gave him such a shock that he fell asleep immediately and took a long nap.

Late that night, Ned and I took a few cans of hornet spray and doused the nest while they all slept. We killed them because they were too close to the house and we didn’t want the children to get hurt again.

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