Day 275: I Can Feel It

I was at the lake and a memory occurred to me briefly. I intended to jot down the thought before it escaped me, just to write down a few words as a mnemonic to remind me of the rest of the memory. I never wrote it down. I cannot remember what it was.

This happens all the time– I have the memory of remembering something, and I know it is important, but I do not know what the original memory is. A few months ago, I would panic and it would eat at me. I have learned that memories come and go. They flit in and out. It will come back and the impression may be different next time, but it will come.  If it’s important, it will return. The thought may hit me when I have a chance to write it down and explore it past the first impression and relive it more fully. I know it will come back. I have plenty of time to wait for it.


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