Day 274: Oh Lonesome Me

We went to the Lake recently, and I visited Swallow Falls a few times with friends and family. I went with Owen. Miles took a great picture of Owen at Swallow Falls last summer. There are two falls there. One is a gradual cascade and the other is a steep drop. The cascade falls, Swallow Falls is a great place to swim and get pummeled by the water. Miles stood to the side and Owen looked downstream in the rush of water.

My family has been visiting Swallow Falls State Park for many years. My grandparents visited it in the 1940s during the summer vacations.  A few years ago, I scanned a bunch of color slides from my grandfather’s collection. My aunt had them. She died and in the distribution of her belongings, I came into possession of these pictures. Among the slides, there were pictures of Swallow Falls in 1942. In 2012, I revisited the same places and stood in approximately the same places as my grandfather and took the same pictures. We both visited the falls in August. The water level is different– it was higher when my grandfather visited that day in 1942– but otherwise they look the same.

I went back to Swallow Falls with Owen, one year after we visited with Miles. I will go back. He will go back. People will teem among the rocks and rivulets for many many years. My grandfather took his pictures. Miles took his. I will take mine.

Owen Swallow Falls

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