Day 264: Candy Says

It was really important for me to keep everything of Miles’s in perfect order. I wanted his room to be the way it was when he was alive. I am still that way. Things have been organized and rearranged out of necessity. Miles was in the process of moving from one room to another and as a result his room was in some disorganization. A few days after he died, I stood in his room and made a video of the way it was. I took a pictures of the books on his shelves. I put his belongings in shoe boxes, one for the stuff in his car, one for the stuff in his backpack, one for the items on his desk. His hamper is still full of the clothes he’d discarded in his last week of summer, his first two days of school.

I am less obsessed with keeping everything in absolutely perfect order, but I insist on it for some things. I am going through some of his slides and as I do so, I maintain the precision of their arrangement. I keep them in order as he had them. He was messy about some things but he was very well organized when it came to his photography. Everything was where he wanted it.


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