Day 255: The Sun Shines Down on Me

As I have written this blog over the days, I know that I am writing more about my self and my own feelings and state of mind rather than about memories of Miles.  As time passes, my feelings have changed. At first, I obsessed about my memories. I was desperate to write everything down. I was worried about the half life of my memory and I assumed that certain memories would fade. I have learned, however, that memories come to me all the time. They pop into my consciousness at the strangest times. I always carry a little book so I can write them down.

I have noticed that my memory is triggered by the time of the year. Right now, it is the hot days of July. I am reminded of so many mid-summer memories. In particular, I am remembering being in Rochester with Miles in summer 2014 for several days. I just had a roll of film developed from that trip. It was nice to relive it in my memory for a bit. He and I explored the area. I have so many vivid memories of the few days we spent there. Miles was excited by being in the photojournalism class and he was really interested in learning about Rochester. We explored. We ate at some nice restaurants and browsed some cool record stores.  We drove around and found the beach. We found little neighborhoods with shops and stores and places to sit and read or write. I would like to go back sometime soon so I can re-experience the place like I did with Miles. Maybe I can pretend he’s with me.


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