Day 252: The King and Caroline

I mentioned Timmy and Redlegs in an earlier post. Timmy and Redlegs were Miles’s imaginary mouses.  They appeared occasionally for years. Sometimes they were the cause of an accident that nobody else saw. Sometimes they were along for our walks. Sometimes, they had an adventurous day, just like Miles and I did.

Miles’s world as a boy was full of characters and fantasies. They were all over the place.

When we moved into the first house we bought at Short Street in Morgantown, Miles and I would play in the yard. The yard was on a steep hill (It was a pain in the butt to cut the grass– very steep.) At the top of the yard, someone had left a cinder block. It was a single block with a circular hole, like a cement tube.  We placed it in an old stump and sat next to it quietly. We pretended that the imaginary bunny lived in it. He would come and go into his little cinder block home if we sat quietly. He would visit us and we would play with him in the grass. If he let us, we would hold him gently and feed him grass. We would gently touch his ears. It was summer and the place where we sat was shaded by the trees in our neighbors yard and the bushes near us along the driveway.


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