Day 244: From Blown Speakers

Miles could be pretty messy. I think it is the natural state of teenagers, messiness.

But he was very organized about a number of things. I recently added some new photographs to his Film Por Vida portfolio. He kept a small portfolio on his desk of all the pictures he received in the mail from Film Por Vida friends and they were very well-organized. He slipped each print in its own sleeve and arranged them in alphabetical order by the name of the sender.

His computer was very orderly too. He kept his sets of photos in nice, neat folders. It has made it easy to reproduce his zines and arrange some of his pictures in sets. But that’s not why he did it. I am grateful for his organizational thinking.

He was not so organized about things like his clothes, but I know he was orderly in what he wanted to do and how he did some things.

I miss his messes.

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