Day 226: Piggies

Miles liked this song a lot.  He liked George Harrison I think.  Good for him. When I was in high school, the culture was aggressively nostalgic for the 60s and John Lennon loomed large to the Baby Boomers who were buying all the CD reissues, seeing all the pandering movies, and making money off their investments in the second iteration of Woodstock. Lennon loomed large. I saw the movie Imagine with friends and immediately bought the soundtrack. I was into the Beatles and I chose John as my favorite. His rebelliousness appealed to me. Paul seemed too squeaky clean and I did not like the music he was putting out in the late 80s. John had the benefit of his martyrdom; everything was done and in the past, crystallized, and celebrated. George was always a quiet presence in the background and I never really embraced his music until I was much older and acquired All Things Must Pass on CD. I loved it.

Miles liked “Piggies.” I think he may have liked the message and the sinister snide contempt for wealth and greed.


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