Day 214: Testament of Youth in Verse

The Campus Theater showed two movies in memory of Miles not long ago. They showed My Neighbor Totoro and Howl’s Moving Castle, two films by Hayao Miyazaki. It was a great day.

I had never seen Totoro before, but it was one of Miles’s favorite movies. He and Kali watched it many times. I can see why he loved it. It is a great magical fantasy. There is a blurry line between the real world and the imaginary world of the forest creatures discovered by the children.

I love so many scenes in the movie. The bus stop. The plants growing. Mei discovering Totoro. So many.

I went out to the crash site a few days after I saw the movies. I sat in the gravel by the side of the road and examined the new flowers that Winnie planted. I looked at the stones at the base. I delivered a rock that I took from the creek at the Middleswarth-Snyder Trail near Troxelville where we walked on the trail and found the plane crash on our last hike together. I looked at the woods beyond the monument. I sat and stared and thought of Miles. I imagined his spirit among the Totoros of the Bald Eagle Forest. He would be right at home with them and they with him. It is a busy road, but it is mostly quiet and if you step into the forest just a few feet, you can hardly hear the cars that speed by.


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