Day 213: Moves

Miles and I took off our shoes and walked along the paths in our bare feet. I saw a guy do it once in the woods near Morgantown and he said it was perfectly comfortable on the paths of the Hemlock Trail. Miles and I tried it and it felt good. The path was rocky at places but our feet were fine. We scrambled over rocks and ran and walked and climbed from one set of waterfalls to another. It was at Swallow Falls, the state park near Deep Creek Lake where we went every year. If the depth was just right, we could swim at the foot of the falls. One waterfall cascades down the gradual decline of rocks and forms a pool below. The other waterfall is a sheer drop. You can swim at the base of each one. We would swim at both. It was great fun. The noise at each was deafening. At the very base of the falls, you can hardly hear the other people next to you as they talk. You can ride the stream on your back and let the current carry you downstream through the smaller falls . At one spot between the two falls, there is a spot where you can jump from the rocks to the water below, about 20 feet or so. The locals do flips. I watched.


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