Day 202: Cornelia and Jane

Yo La Tengo has a distinctive sound and I think this song captures it well. This song haunts me. The images are so true to me, as is the sentiment.

These connections come out of nowhere. I found this song somewhat randomly when it popped into my feed of songs and it spoke to me. It whispered.

The lyrics.

“I hear the whispering

Just out of view
Still unknown
What’s inside of youOutside your window
Neighbors peer in at you
How can we care for you?
How can we hold onto you?Caught up in motion
Swirling around
Sometimes you’re standing still
On uneven ground

Too many sirens
They keep you up at night
Sit back and hold your ears
How will we hold back your tears?

I hear them whispering
They analyze
But no one knows
What’s lost in your eyes

Sending the message
It doesn’t get to you
How can we care for you?

Slipping away
Fade deep inside of you
But how can we hold on to you?”


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