Day 194: Slip Away

Kathryn Calder of the New Pornographers writes lovely songs and she has a beautiful voice. She also makes great videos, like this one. I have long been fascinated by the nexus of rabbits and space travel. It is a largely untapped cultural goldmine. It is beautifully explored here.

When I worked at Borders Books and Music #9 in Pittsburgh, I combed the remainders for hidden gems. Astro Bunnies was a great find. It is about bunnies who travel to space on a rocket ship. I read it as whimsy at first, but now I believe it is true, as corroborated by Kathryn Calder’s video. If so many people are coming to that place– bunnies in space– then there must be more to it than idle fantasy.

I read that book to Miles. I read it to Owen. I will read it to anyone who wants to read it with me. It sparked my imagination and I think it was one of those little contributors that helped shape Miles in a little way.


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