Day 192: Beware of Darkness

It took me a long time to appreciate George. He was always the third Beatle. As a kid, I liked John Lennon’s songs the most. There was a cult around John at the time I was in high school. A movie about his life came out when I was a junior or senior, adding to the mythological aura around him. Paul has always been there, so talented and relentlessly charming.

George lingered on the fringe. I liked all his songs in between the Paul and John songs, but they never really spoke to me. Then I heard All Things Must Pass in its entirety several years ago when I bought the album. Beautiful. For all the years George only managed a few songs on the Beatles albums, he was writing many more and storing them up. “Beware of Darkness” is a favorite. There are many great songs on that album.

I think it took some maturing on my part to appreciate George’s music. It is not as poppy as Paul. It is not sophomorically teen-angsty like John. It took me a while to listen and hear George, and it took some growing up. I hope Miles spent some time with George’s music. I think he did, if only with me. Good enough.


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