Day 191: Hello Goodbye

I wonder what Miles would be doing if he was alive. He would know where he was going to college. Maybe we would drive there and visit to check it out on a weekend. Maybe it would be RIT. I think he wanted to go to RIT, especially after the workshop he participated in last summer. He would have been really happy there with all the good food and great equipment and faculty. He would have thrived and grown. He would have been a great photographer. It would have been nice to visit him there and meet his friends and take them out to eat. We had a lot of good food on our visit and saw some really cool sites in Rochester. He liked Rochester a lot.

So much promise. I hold on to things. I will hold on to his promise forever. I will think to myself, What would Miles be doing right now. Age 18, 20, 25, 35, 50. My whole life I will imagine what he might be like. What kind of job he’d have, what kind of family. Where he might live and want to travel to. When I’d see him next and how sad it would be to part again.

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