Day 166: Thank God for the Sinners

I was up in the attic and I found an old suitcase. Miles collected old suitcases, the Samsonite hard-shell suitcases like the gorilla threw around in the old commercials.  He would make pinhole cameras out of them. There are a bunch all over the house.

I opened up the suitcase and it was full of books. I am not sure why he filled the suitcase with books. The attic is full of books. He may have been moving them from the attic to downstairs, and he never got around to taking it downstairs. Or he was moving from his room to the attic and he never unpacked it.

There are hundreds of Miles’s little tasks around the house that will never be completed. I leave them be if I can. I stumble on them sometimes, but I am finding fewer and fewer. It has been a long time since I made this kind of discovery.  I like these little reminders of his activity and resourcefulness. It reminds me of his presence.


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