Day 152: Hosanna in the Forest

I think of Danielson’s music as this– if someone grew up loving music but only ever hearing “Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite” by the Beatles, I think their music would sound like Danielson.

I wonder if I tried to get Miles to listen to them. I do not think I did and I am pretty sure he never found them on his own. I did not hear them until I was 40.

This song is mostly an instrumental. It is pretty, atmospheric. These days, sometimes the world seems more like an atmosphere, like a place with suggestions of being real but not real. It is like there is an emptiness in it all. It is like we are in the post-apocalypse and now we are just trying to get by. We are struggling, struggling to get our food and gas and clean water, struggling to trust the right people who will take care of us and protect us and carry us when we need carried, give us a break when we need to be carried. And who we are strong enough to carry on our own when we need to.

Is it too much metaphor? Is everything displaced from where it should be, everything slightly off? I know things change but I am used to them changing gradually and imperceptibly. I wake up every day and remind myself of what is different, and every day the day seems new but lesser too.

“Hosanna!” A cry of joy. There is joy. Things fall apart, but they come together. Things dissolve, but they reassemble. Some things come back. Some are gone forever.


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